Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Spare-a-Mint?

I am having a torrid love affair with Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat line.

I don't know what it is about it, but all the colors I've used have been just awesome.  I've never worked with such a smooth formula.  Despite the grit, it's incredibly easy to apply, perfect coverage in two coats, dries quickly, and looks just fabulous on.

I thought the texture would drive me crazy since I'm always smoothing my fingernails with my fingers (if that makes sense,) but it's actually not that  bad at all, almost therapeutic in a "squeezing a stress ball" kinda way.

My problem with the polish is that it chips insanely easy.  Because it's designed to be worn sans top coat, I guess that the fact that it's unprotected leads to chips.  You can see the start of a tiny tip chip in the above picture, and this is the morning after application.

Let's hope SH works out the kinks in this line, because it's a winner otherwise.

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